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Number of outdoor advertising structures in Uzbekistan is growing every day. To date, only in Tashkent their number exceeds a few thousand. The most popular format of 6x3 meters (as well as in many other cities).

With us, you can save time searching for an effective free advertising structures, as well as money to produce advertising banners themselves. For our clients we offer the best discount!

In our constantly updated database available in virtually all free today advertising structures not only in Tashkent, but also in all regions of Uzbekistan, including billboards, prismatron, light boxes and custom designs.

For information about available designs, please fill out an application for outdoor advertising in Tashkent and Uzbekistan's regions.

Outdoor Advertising in Tashkent. Features.

An interesting feature of the outdoor advertising in Tashkent, which surprises many foreigners - the difference in the value placed on traditional billboards and prismatron. We are often asked why advertising on prismatron in Tashkent expensive than billboards? It would seem, for which the customer must pay if it actually advertising to 3 times less than if he had to place their ads on billboards. The reasons are several. First, all prismatron have outdoor lighting, while most billboards per se do not have. Second, prismatron usually located at the crossroads - the last time the owners changed their designs billboard, standing on street corners to prismatron. If two years ago the number was insignificant prismatron, now we can safely say that almost all the best places in terms of outdoor advertising in Tashkent - is prismatron. Third, the cost of accommodation, usually includes the cost of installation / removal of advertising material (although we can not say that this applies to all owners of structures).

Another feature. On the same stretch of road there are two approximately equal billboard, but the prices for advertising - different. The reason, again in the owners designs. Because many owners and they are all different (in the form of property, the number of designs available, in terms of profitability, in character, at last), then the prices are different. A reasonable question. How is it possible to find a good place, but not to pay the extra money? Here are a few options. First, you can take a ride around Tashkent, select the appropriate free space (you can find them hanging on public service), and then ring up the owners of these structures (for each design must be the owner of a phone number), compare prices and settle in there, where it is profitable. But in this version there are a number of drawbacks. You will not always be able to determine the free space in such a way, because a lot of those on which hangs PSAs are already booked. Conversely, those places that are released in the near future, this way you are unlikely to find.

 Another option for those who do not like to leave the office. Call the help desk. Find owners advertising structures. Call them, ask to send a free place. Stravnit photos and prices. Advertise. It would seem - ideal. But too early to rejoice. Yes, this option is much less labor-intensive than the last. But even here there are pitfalls. First, the information services they know not all owners of structures, bringing you even be able to see all the good places in Tashkent. Second, sometimes the client expects not a good situation when, hanging banner, we find that it is not visible, because construction closes standing nearby tree. And how is it, you ask, if the client before seen photos with a normal billboard, visible from the road. Sometimes it is that the owners send their dislocation structures somewhat outdated. During this time next to the billboard has already managed to grow a tree, which by law can not be cut down.

There is another option - for those who have a lot of free time and patience. This combination of the first and second option. Ie You prozvanivatsya owners of structures, making the rounds of the city, make sure the suitability of advertising space. Then find where to print promotional material (which is cheaper and better :-). Print it there, then transported it to the owners of structures. They hanged him. And you're happy contemplate the fruits of their work. But then you notice that all that you have spent 2-3 weeks of your work. If it suits you - all OK.

Here is another option. , Please contact us. We know almost all the owners of structures and productively with them. Therefore, in the database, we have all the free space currently available. We offer our customers only the best of them - with high traffic and visibility. Prices for production of advertising material, we are among the lowest. And you will not have to deliver anything to anyone. We will do it for you. Yes, we are taking the service agent's commission. But believe me, it's worth your time and energy saved :-). And the result - definitely better than in previous versions.


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