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 About «A-NIKA»


 «A-NIKA», being a full cycle advertising agency has been operating in the market since 1998 and currently holds one of the leading positions in the advertising market of Uzbekistan.

As of today, our agency represents a powerful, solid team of experts in marketing and PR, creative specialists (creators, script writers and producers), audio and video producers and highly qualified managers supervising project implementation.



Our Strengths


A-NIKA disposes of all resources required to provide nearly all kinds of advertising services with the help of the company's own energies, without cooperation with outside agencies. The latter is one of our main advantages, as we can considerably decrease our customers' costs on production of advertisement.

We continually purchase huge volumes of airtime from television and radio stations, outdoor advertisement spots and other popular mass media, thereby providing our customers with excusive discounts for advertisement placement.



Advertising adaption


Our agency is one of the few providing a full value advertising adaptation for foreign companies' goods and services distributed in the Uzbekistan market.

Unlike the majority of advertising material, the adaptation of which is commonly limited to solely translation into Uzbek or Russian language, our company believes that there is more behind adapting advertisement for Uzbekistan region than simply changing the language of the ad to the local one.

In addition, according to statistics, 80% of foreign advertising campaigns and strategies are not oriented to the Uzbekistan market, and to be efficient either should be adapted partially, or should be changed radically, in accordance with local mentality and population perceptions.

A-NIKA Agency engages all of its human and knowledge resources - a strategy due to which our adaptation projects never remain misrepresented and cooperation between us and our partners becomes of a permanent nature.


Our beliefs


A-NIKA considers its marketers as the most important human resources due to basic strategy of our agency. Any real advertiser is primarily a sales specialist, therefore as our main aim we set increase in sales of our customer’s goods or services.


It is important to understand the whole environment of the advertised good or service to be able to present its' positive and beneficial sides. That is why we believe in the importance of research and development and regularly perfect our employees' analytical skills.

When working on our projects we exercise an appropriate flexibility and adjust our activities according to the slightest changes in the market situation as well. For these purposes A-NIKA has created its own database that includes all the organizations operating in the market of Uzbekistan. The part of the database is placed on «» directory site.


We strongly believe that advertising professionals have no right to launch an advertising campaign without absolute confidence in its success. Here, in A-NIKA, we know the recipe for success.


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